We offer limited one-on-one Zoom coaching for composers, songwriters, and producers.

What We’ll Cover

Our consulting is always focused on the needs of the individual composer, there are a few things we can help specifically with in addition to what you want to work with.

  • Feedback – If there was ever anything a composer needed, especially if you are mostly working alone, is feedback about your music. Eric offers constructive, honest feedback on your compositions and arrangements. We will also talk about the production quality for the music use you have in mind for the song. This is likely the most important part of the coaching we do on our channels.
  • Catalog – I find most composers are not ready to succeed due to a catalog that is small, or lacking in high quality music. One of our main goals in coaching is to work with each composer to not only increase the amount of songs in their catalog, but to make sure the quality improves as well.
  • Compositional Focus – This may sound funny, but most composers are not always sure where to put their focus regarding genre, style, and for what part of the music business they want to find success. So we will tackle this issue for each composer’s own goals and helping to uncover your best musical path.


Note: As mentioned earlier, with two YouTube communities, a Discord, Full-time teaching, and my own music, I have very limited time for consulting.

Cost: The coaching session lasts one hour and the cost is $75 per session.

Email to inquire about availability and other questions.

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